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Three Ways to Style a Hoodie in Winter

Turns out cosy and chic can co-exist beautifully.

By Scarlett Stevens

December has crept up on us quickly this year, and it often feels like there isn’t much point constructing an outfit just to zip a coat over the top. However, layering is and has always been key to dressing with both style and comfort in the colder months, and it doesn’t always have to come in the form of a pricy cashmere jumper.

The humble hoodie has always been a casual item, and was one of the most common purchases last year as we all sought more comfort in our clothes for home working and weekend walks. If you layer it right, the hoodie can look just as good for a day in the office as it can for a quick trip to the supermarket.

The three key ways I would recommend layering a hoodie are under an overcoat, a blazer and a liner. In my opinion, worn well, all three looks can be thrown on for settings that are super casual or even just a standard Monday at work.

Hoodie & Overcoat


Guaranteed to sharpen up even the laziest of outfits, the simple hoodie and overcoat combination works every time. Even something as casual as a hoodie, jeans and trainers will instantly be levelled up by a smart overcoat.

Hoodie & Blazer


The champion of relaxed outfits is, of course the sweat set. Adding a blazer into the mix lends some classic tailoring to the look, lifting it out from the pits of work-from-home style and landing it somewhere on the scale of Scandinavian chic.

Hoodie & Liner


Staying toasty doesn’t always have to equal a full puffer coat. Both short and longline liner vests are a great way to layer over your hoodie, giving your outfit a sporty edge.

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