TOAST, The Best In Tech Accessories

Launched in 2012, Toast started out of something simple and fun, speaking to the fact that their products would be engraved and cut, in fact, burnt with lasers. What else gets burnt? Toast of course!

Since those early days of cutting walnut iPhone 4 covers in Matias’ basement shop, Toast has grown quickly. “Team Toastis a fabulous family dedicated to creating the most amazing wood and leather products known to man. Their original product range of wood phone covers has expanded mightily to include an impressive roster of tech covers and lifestyle products in wood, bamboo and leather.

Although they ship to virtually every country in the world, they’re 100% American (in all the good ways): they do every stage of the design, production, and business in-house in a workshop in the Montavilla neighborhood of beautiful Portland, Oregon.

The design is sleek and chic and easy to use. With contemporary designs and aesthetics, Toast has created the ultimate case that suits all your needs. Ease of use and application, the cover is a simple peel and stick application to your laptop. It’s robust and hard-wearing material ensures a long lasting result and top class protection. Another perk of Toast, is the personalisation aspect allowing you to have your own unique design such as a name, or a personal message. This is perfect for a gift or for making sure your laptop is secure.

“Toasty” is a great thing…just not when it’s the climate we’re talking about.

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Check out their Eco Policy page to learn about the efforts towards positive environmental and social action.