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Understand vegan fashion before you judge it

It is no surprise that fashion is changing its ideas about using animals for day-to-day wear. Sustainable and eco-friendly fashion has become the buzz words of today’s fashion industry. Potentially started by Gucci stating that they were going to ban the use of fur in their products.

In spite of this, finding investment pieces that are cruelty-free is a challenge, and while there is an abundance of faux-leather, faux-fur and synthetic wools in nearly every high-street store, trying to source something that is ethically manufactured, cruelty-free and of high end quality is actually quite a mission.

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It’s a welcome move, and one which should engender serious conversations about how to make fashion a more conscious and culpable industry. People automatically tend to buy leather shoes and do not question the habit. Others may be aware of the ethical changes, but as it’s not-on-the-high-street it’s probably easier to just stay with what you know.

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Why do you think fashion consumers buy animal products when there are so many other alternatives available? Well, as most Vega fashion are typically sold at a premium due to high-quality materials and fair trade practices. Most of the vegan substitutes are made out of plants, so these materials are extremely sustainable. It does seem intolerable and cruel that animals suffer and die all for the name of fashion, and bottom line is that paying a little more should be justified and not excused.


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