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GLO24K Leads the Hottest Trend in Skincare in 2021: Unleash the Power of 24K Gold!

GLO24K; an exclusive skincare brand based on 24k Gold is establishing its leadership position as the hottest trend in skincare today: 24K Gold Skincare.

GLO24K was founded in 2019 by 2 skincare experts with years of experience in the luxury skincare industry. They realized that 24k Gold skincare becomes the hottest trend in the beauty industry as celebrities and super-models raved about their 24k Gold facials at top SPAs in Miami, Los Angeles, and NYC. However, 24k Gold skincare was expensive and out of reach for most women in America.

GLO24K’s goal is to dominate the affordable luxury category of skincare and cater to every woman who wants to look and feel her best. GLO24K features a full portfolio of high-quality 24k Gold Skincare (Creams, Serums, Masks, Cleansers) in beautiful packaging, and at affordable prices.

Gold is not only the most precious metal in the world. It is also a perfect natural antioxidant with substantial documented anti-ageing benefits. “Our vision from day one was to take over the Affordable Luxury Category of 24k Gold Skincare. To do that, we must deliver the BEST products, formulated by the BEST Anti-Aging Ingredients, and have our 24k Gold Skincare affordable and accessible to most people in America” says Eli, one of the founders. And indeed, GLO24K integrates the best anti-ageing ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Collagen, Vitamins A, C, & E, and Retinol to its 24k Gold infused formulas to generate outstanding and noticeable short and long-term results. Loyal customers of GLO24K report that within very few applications wrinkles diminish, fine-lines go away, and their skin looks more radiant, refreshed, and younger.

Today, 24K Gold skincare is booming and becoming the hottest trend in the skincare industry. 24K Gold Facials are commonly used by top-models and super-stars worldwide. Just recently Russian top model Irina Shays signed a contract to be the face of a special 24K Gold Mask. To see how the media is raving about 24K Gold Skincare visit

GLO24K most popular item is the 24K Anti-Aging Express Facelift Cream. This revolutionary product generates an instant Facelift effect and it is a safe, non-invasive, and affordable alternative to expensive facial procedures and injections. GLO24K Facelift Cream is a potent formula loaded with peptides and vitamins that within minutes after application minimizes one’s wrinkles and fine-lines, generating a remarkable Facelift Effect as wrinkles and fine-lines disappear.

GLO24K skincare products are proudly made in the USA in an FDA registered laboratory by top skincare specialists. GLO24K skincare is Paraben Free and NOT tested on animals. GLO24K is capitalizing on the global demand for 24K Gold skincare and is already selling in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

For Inquiries contact GLO24K at

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