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Veganuary at The Skinny Food Co

Here at The Skinny Food Co, we strive to create the best tasting products with the lowest calories and sugar. Since 2018, our brand has grown massively, and it's been amazing to see all of the positive feedback on our products! To be able to cater to everyone's diet is of huge importance to us and being able to enjoy the once seemingly ‘unhealthy’ option is what we hope to always provide to our loyal customers. Our aim is simple - to suit everyone, from Mothers to Children, to those with food intolerances or to the fitness fanatics, there is a product in our range that is perfect for everyone!

With the emphasis on going Vegan this month, what better time to create some amazing bundles on our website! We have introduced 3 brand new bundles containing discounted priced products. For those who stick to a vegan diet, we have a complete vegan bundle, full of delicious sauces, syrups and amazing alternatives.

If you're just dipping your toes into the world of meat and dairy free foods, there is now the Vegan Starter Pack, continuing 3 of our amazing Fakeaway sauces, a gorgeous creamer for swapping out the milk and our infamous Vegan Shaker for topping all of your pasta dishes this month! If this still hasn’t swayed you, we’ve created a bundle specifically for meat substitute sauces, including one of our best sellers, Smokey Baconnaise sauce! All of these products contain zero dairy and are perfect for a vegan diet this veganuary!

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