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Washed Leather Woman's Wallets and Purses from Just4Leather

If you’ve never experienced the soft and supple beauty of washed leather, take a look at our Martina range. A collection of smart and practical purses in four attractive colours, each design is made from high-quality washed leather.

Imagine your favourite pair of denim jeans; the more worn-in they get, the comfier they are. Washed leather is just the same, offering a cloud-soft finish that just gets better with age. The true charm of washed leather is in the unique appearance of each individual piece, a combination of silky smoothness and bold colour.

Each of the four purses in Martina are available in four different contemporary shades: black, red, blue and green. Classic and stylish, choose your preferred style to match your lifestyle. With matching stitching and exquisite attention to detail inside and out, our Martina purses look out of this world and feel simply divine too.

Bifold Washed Leather Purse

The perfect blend of practical function and sleek good looks, this bifold Martina purse is ideal for every occasion. Discreet enough to slip into smaller bags while still offering plenty of space, this style balances up the need for modest sizing and organised storage.

Made from premium hide, the leather has been washed with special oils and waxes to achieve the softest, silkiest finish. This allows the leather to age wonderfully, guaranteeing you a purse that will look stunning for many years to come.

A bifold is an excellent choice when you want to carry cash and cards. The ultimate style selection for modern living, our Martina bifold offers the best of both worlds.

Inside you’ll find six card slots spread over two sides, alongside two transparent ID/photo pockets. There are longer note slip pockets at the side and at the back, making the most of all the available space. This main compartment is fastened with a popper closing. There is also a separate coin purse with two main compartments, and a small, central zipped section. The coin purse has a zippered closing.

As an added benefit, thewashed leather Martina bifold purse also benefits from RFID protection, keeping you safe while on the move.

Small Trifold Purse

Looking for a leather purses that maxes out on storage without being too large and chunky? Our trifold purse in the Martina collection will tick every box. Gloriously soft and supple, yet smart and stylish too, this purse has capacity for all the cards, cash and notes that you need to carry while still being compact.

Our Martina range of purses are all made from washed leather. The high-quality genuine leather is treated with a wash of oils and waxes, giving it a heavenly soft finish which you’ll just want to keep stroking. Even better, the appearance of washed leather just gets more beautiful with age, so this purse will be your beautiful companion for many years to come!

Just like the other purses in the Martina range, our trifold style is available is black, blue, green and red. This provides the option of classic and muted colours, or bolder, contemporary tones. Whatever outfit you’re wearing, you’ll be able to find the perfect complementary shade in this collection.

Although the trifold purse is very attractive, it’s also practical too. Inside you’ll find a combination of card slots, transparent ID pockets and larger note pockets. This section is fastened with a popper while the separate two-compartment coin purse has a zipper for security. The whole purse benefits from RFID protection to guard against fraud.

Small Washed Leather Pouch Purse

Although big can be very beautiful, we believe that good things come in small packages too - just like our pouch purse in the Martina range. Compact and discreet, it’s the ideal purse for a night out when you want to travel light. Slide into a pocket without creating an unsightly bulge or slip into a small bag; the modest dimensions of this pouch purse offer plenty of options.

There are times when you don’t want to carry around lots of cards, but just need a functional purse that’s also easy on the eye. The pouch purse in the Martina range has limited space, including a transparent ID pocket, but has practical compartments for coins and notes. For those occasions when you plan on using cash, this purse is the ideal accessory.

The interior of the main section is simple, with a flapover style that’s secured with a popper. The adjoining coin purse has two compartments and a zipper fastening. The result is a purse that’s smart, practical and will keep your money safe while you’re on the go. And just in case you are carrying any important cards, there’s RFID protection automatically built in too.

Available in four colours, this purse is made from the softest washed prime leather for a silky smooth finish you’ll love.

Trifold Large Washed leather purse

Be bold with a statement purse that no-one can miss. Our notecase purse is the largest in the Martina collection and offers a very contemporary style. With plenty of practical storage and useful compartments, you can stay organised while still rocking an accessory which is exquisite.

Made from washed leather, the prime hide of this purse is wonderfully soft to the touch. The more use the leather gets, the softer it will feel so you might find that you love it even more as the years pass! This is the hallmark of quality leather - and that’s something we insist on.

The larger size of this purse means you can either carry it in a larger bag, or carry it around as an accessory. Stylish and smart, the four available colours offer a range of options to complement your outfit.

Inside the main compartment, you’ll find several rows of card slots, along with note pockets and transparent ID pockets. With lots of places to tuck items away, it’s never been easier to stay organised while looking good. Adjoining the main compartment is a generously sized coin purse, with two sections and secured by a zipper. The whole purse includes RFID protection so you can stay safe while you’re on the go. Check out the full range of Ladies Designer Leather Purses here.

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