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What to do for Mother’s Day when you’re broke

Set up a home spa: A long soak in the bath, complete with cucumber and lemon water, homemade masks and manicures, what’s not to love about this plan. Give your mum a well-deserved pampering for the evening, and she will love it.

Design a memory box: Pick up a box, or whimsical jar, and get decorating. Start filling it up with things your mum will cherish forever; pictures, little things maybe you made at school, trinkets and bits and bobs.

Make a photo frame: Find a picture of you two together and frame it up. Simple, effective and cheap as chips.

Make a scrapbook: Find all the little pictures that you’ve had done together and stick them all in a homemade scrapbook. Lasting memories are always a heartwarming touch. Maybe you went to the movies together, so stick the tickets in and a picture of the movie and dates you went. That trip to the beach, family holiday, a meal or drinks – stick it in!

And finally, make a cake or selection of little cupcakes beautifully decorated. Food is always a good way into the heart.

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