Why Dad Trainers are The Hottest Trend Right Now

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When you’re passionated about your work. When you let your dreams grow out of love and hard work and creativity you won’t feel the need to copy other people. Creativity comes from within, don’t be scared to do you. And don’t be scared to follow your dreams and ideas. Even if they do seem a little crazy or out of reach. I promise you that with patience, hard work and PASSION just about anything is possible. Don’t forget to believe in yourself. And if you can’t, I’m here to encourage you ??

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They were the height of fashion in the 90s, and it seems our desire for nostalgia from previous decades has turned these kicks into a trend again. Designers like Louis Vuitton’s, Archlights and Balenciaga’s Triple S have all been a big hit with influencers, who has everybody running to the shops to buy knock offs and look-alikes, as the real Balenciaga’s would arguably put a dent in a lot of people’s wallets.

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Bomb weekend

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Retro sports brand Fila debuted their take on chunky trainers with it’s spring/summer collection, and whether you love or loathe them, it looks like they are here to stay. These sneakers are a love or hate phenomenon but we think the more you look at these trainers, the more you like them.