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Why Dr Lipp is Our Must Have Beauty Product this Autumn

As the cold weather approaches, our skin gets dry, tight and weathered. It can be so hard keeping up with the weather, without affecting your skincare routine too much and maintain the glowy look of summertime. Thanks to Dr Lipp, we can ensure all our dry bits are moisturised and ready for the day. Whether part of your morning and nighttime routine, or popped in your bag for throughout the day, Dr Lipp's products solve all our problems.

Their complete collection offers everything we'd want and more, from their Original Nipple Balm that tackles all our dry bits, to their Superfood Tint range which offers gorgeous pigments with all natural ingredients. Their latest product drop has been the incredible CBD Calm Balm. The Calm Balm is an ultra-hydrating multi-use balm which harmoniously pairs two amazing 100% natural ingredients in high potency; medical grade Lanolin and 50MG of broad spectrum CBD Oil. It is a gloriously rich and long-lasting formula that will help ease inflammation and extra dry chapped skin, quenching thirsty skin anywhere almost immediately.

With over 120,000 5 star reviews, it is no wonder why Dr Lipp is the talk of the town. We can't leave the house without it!!

Our current favourite is the Elderberry Superfood Tint, this is the perfect autumnal shade, offering a luscious moisturising feel, with a beautifully soft colour. This truly adds the finishing touch to any look and outfit- and can be used as blusher, eye shadow and lip tint!

We'd love to know what your favourite- and whats even better is they are running a promotion, with every CBD Calm Balm you purchase, you get an Original Nipple Balm for free!

Check them out here.

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