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Why People are switching to Irish Lotto Betting?

Ever hear the saying ‘Irish Lotto has better odds of winning’? Well, it is true!

A bet on the Irish lottery has more chances of a win than the National Lottery with fewer numbers to pick from.

There are loads of Irish Lotto bets out there, but the BEST one to play is Lucky Clover by The Football Pools.

They have the BIGGEST Top prize of £1 Million! That’s not all, they also payout on just 3 matching numbers.

The Football Pools have boosted their prize for when you match 3 numbers to win £700! (Was £400)

Lucky Clover is a subscription for an Irish Lottery bet where you pay £15 per month (£1.50 per game) and are entered into every draw (every Wednesday and Saturday).

Meaning you NEVER miss a game PLUS you save money each month!

On top of that, when you start your subscription, you get your first 4 draws FREE!

As a Football Pools subscriber, there is a whole host of goodies for you to benefit from.

Anyone who plays a Football Pools game by subscription is automatically entered into the Super prize Draw where you have a chance to win big cash prizes.

On top of that, you will receive regular tips on the Irish Lotto results and insights into the ‘hot numbers’ of the month.

Finally, you will be the first to hear about any of the fantastic competitions, prize draws, and giveaways that are regularly hosted by The Football Pools!

Play Lucky Clover, the Irish Lotto bet today for just £15 per month.

For more information visit The Football Pools website now!

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