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Why the ‘headache pose’ is actually controversial

Once a celebrity starts it, it’s headline news, and this ‘headache pose’ is just one of the latest trends to rock the Instagram. Started by makeup artist @namvo who originally called it the ‘migraine pose.’ It was to make everyone deliberately look like they are having a headache, so all the celebrities jumped on board, Kendall, Kylie, Bella and Gigi, to name but a few, followed by influencers and more models.

Kylie Jenner was one of the first to strike the pose, which she did for the cover on Love Magazine, and Vo did her makeup for the shoot, where maybe Kylie got the inspiration to start the pose. And the reason it’s trending, is because posing with one or two hands, tightens the face, and makes your cheekbones look more prominent and amazingly Instagrammers think it’s quite flattering.

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A post shared by Kylie ? (@kyliejenner) on Sep 13, 2018 at 8:48am PDT

It’s a temporary facelift for the ‘gram’. However not everyone was happy with this. Vo’s instagram post of the ‘migraine pose’  got hit hard with heavy criticism, mainly from people who suffered badly from headaches and migraines, with the hashtag #itsnotpretty being used by people commenting against it arguing that it’s not pretty or fashionable.

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Anyone for paracetamol?


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