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Why You Should Be Shopping Sustainably In 2021

There are plenty of reasons to shop sustainably for your homeware. But, we are here to tell you that you can find environmentally friendly interior decor that doesn't sacrifice style. So, read below to discover the best ways to ensure you are being eco-conscious whilst making your home look beautiful!

‘Sustainability Is At The Heart Of Modern Day Design’ Jane Rockett, Co-Founder Of Online Homeware Brand Rockett St George…

Image Featuring The Sustainable King Size Headboard & Sustainable Bedside Table | Rockett St George

The wonderfully eclectic homeware brand Rockett St George has just launched a sustainable homeware collection in collaboration with Sussex design maker Jani Lemut that fuses fabulous style with eco-friendly living.With sustainability at the heart of the collection, Rockett St George have reused local pallet wood, recycled dried coffee grounds and embraced sustainably sourced FSC Standard wood to create stunning pieces that you can treasure forever in your home. Moreover, these reclaimed materials have been repurposed into functional furniture that is also recyclable. Therefore, helping to contribute to a closed loop way of living by using responsible and reusable materials. What’s not to love?!

Featuring something for every scheme, the gorgeous range includes:

‘Buy Beautiful And You Won’t Need To Buy Again’ Lucy St George, Co-Founder Of Online Homeware Brand Rockett St George…

Image Featuring The Sustainable Sideboard Cabinet & Accessories | Rockett St George

We know how hard it can be to shop consciously for every single piece of homeware. With this said, we love Co-Founder of Rockett St George, Lucy St George’s mantra, ‘Buy beautiful and you won’t need to buy again.’ This quote rings true to their brand of lovely high quality furniture and accessories that are practical, multi-purpose and effortlessly stylish pieces for all types of decor. For this reason, if there’s something that you really love, it makes sense to purchase it and display it as a forever piece in your home!

How To Recycle, Repurpose & Restyle…

Another key thing to do when you want to buy something new, is sort through your old pieces and work out what you like and what you don’t. A good declutter will help you to restyle and create new displays in your home. For example, you can resell, regift, donate or upcycle old homeware to keep it from going to waste and ensure that it is put to another use. Once you have done this, it will ultimately make room for new accessories in your home, without compromising your goals for a more eco-conscious home.

It's always fun to give your home a refresh after a clean out. To achieve this, you can start by incorporating your meaningful treasures into your home styling and mixing together the old with the new. It’s amazing what a little reshuffle of your interior can do to change the feel of the space. Rearranging your existing decor is surprisingly effective for transforming the look of your home. By doing this and perhaps giving the room a lick of stylish paint, you can then accessorise around that and make the most of the pieces you already own!

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