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How Australian handbag designer X NIHILO is overcoming fast fashion…

Designed for simplicity and practicality, X NIHILO, short for ex nihilo– is a Latin phrase that means “creation out of nothing”. The notion aims to identify the brands aesthetic and vision, dedicating themselves to craft a range of sophisticated and elegant leather bags for the modern woman. Founded in 2016 by Jenny Hsieh, each bag is meticulously designed in her Melbourne atelier - paying full attention to practicality and functionality.

Choosing to launch products by only by collection rather than by season, X NIHILO focus on creating timeless, high quality pieces that will last. With the goal to produce an honest range of leather, X NIHILO aims to embrace slow fashion and build a platform where women can embrace their individuality rather than hide from it. X NIHILIO design for women who are conscious of their consumption and aim shop for long lasting, timeless pieces that can be passed down to their daughters, minimising the effects of fast fashion.

It’s not hard to see why so many women are gravitating towards these bags – just check out all the beautiful women across the globe snapping a pic with their new handbags over on their Instagram. Rather than speaking for themselves, each handbag aims to complement a woman’s individuality. Highlighting the brands DNA, each design features classic and eternal silhouettes, with minimal hardware and branding to allow for modification and adjustability to suit any woman’s style, needs and comfort.

With one of the most popular styles being the “Eight” large leather tote bucket bag’ – the black being my personal favourite, this signature everyday staple features plenty of pockets to store your phone and cards, and even can fit a 13” laptop inside with the large size.

Making for a very versatile design this bag can be transformed and worn multiple ways for styling and comfort purposes. While also staying true to the brands signature style and DNA, this bag is just one of many which explore a captivating contrast of structure and fluidity. Featuring a sleek and elegant design, this triangular silhouette is becoming a must-have staple in any minimalists wardrobe.

Not only does X NIHILO also offer a range personalisation options, they have even had exclusive drops where Jenny herself has personally painted a range of motifs and imagery onto the bags, including soft fauna and ocean waves. So if you’re ever lucky enough to get your hands on her one-of-a-kind painted bags, it is definitely worth it!

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