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You can now rent the perfect winter wardrobe! With both style and the planet in mind…

Have you ever heard of Hirestreet? If not, allow me to introduce you to the rental revolution committed to making style and sustainability accessible for all women. Hirestreet are striving to build a community of empowered individuals, with inclusivity, creativity and care for our planet at the forefront of everything they do and with outfit rentals starting at as little as £5 for 4 days we are hooked!

The rental platform, whose ethos promotes ‘owning your look, not your outfit', stock everything from coats to casual tops and day dresses to the most glamorous gowns – meaning they really do have you covered for every occasion at a fraction of the price. Hirestreet believes that fashion is for everyone – and they don’t mean fast fashion; they mean premium, high end, global fashion - with rental access to your favourite brands such as Whistles, Ghost, French Connection, Asos, Rat & Boa and dozens more. 'It’s our view that no one should have to compromise on confidence and that's why we strive for ethical fashion freedom for all.’

Hirestreet's community is built by women who are fashion, money and environmentally conscious and are focused on working towards a more sustainable future. Hirestreet are focused on building a community of empowered women who can all experience the feeling of confidence when wearing the outfit of their dreams. The diverse platform gives access to premium brands at an affordable price, allowing their customers to experiment with their style without breaking the bank, or more importantly harming the planet. The best part is you can rent from anywhere between 4 to16 days, so whether you have one night to impress, or you're going away and need a few show stopping outfits - you can rent your dream look for 20% of recommended retail price and save your precious, hard-earned pennies for cocktails!

This Christmas, Hirestreet have brought to light the very real impact fast fashion has on the environment, especially the statement sequin party dress we all love to don at this time of year. Traditional plastic sequins will sit in landfill for hundreds of years since plastic doesn't biodegrade. On top of this, the sequin party dress is worn fewer than three times on average, so all of this damage is being done for so little gain. But the renting revolution Hirestreet would never want to dull your sparkle, thats why they are suggesting that 2020 is the year to rent your sparkle.

What's not to love?

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